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Identify Your Home’s BuyMes and DontBuyMes and Handle Them Appropriately!

Huh! This melding of words is to point out the difference between incentives and disincentives — between features and benefits — between reasons to buy and reasons not to buy. On the positive side, a BuyMe is something that tells … Continue reading

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Maybe Renting Your Home Is What You Need To Do

There are times when the current value of your home is such that you would lose money if you were to sell it. I have been there and it is not a good feeling at all. At first I thought … Continue reading

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Early Step: Look at Your Home from the Street

Actually, you have to do more than look at your home from the street. You have to look at it from the street AS IF it was a house that you were thinking about buying rather than looking at it … Continue reading

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Help from a Former Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent

Jim Edwards is a former mortgage broker and real estate agent.  That gives him a lot of insider knowledge of the business of selling homes.  That knowledge gives him that capability of informing you about what you should and shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Introduction and Plan

Selling a house is easy — so much beyond easy that it is really pitiful.  Anyone can do it at any time and any place! Selling a house for a specific price is not so easy and that is the … Continue reading

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