Help from a Former Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent

Jim Edwards is a former mortgage broker and real estate agent.  That gives him a lot of insider knowledge of the business of selling homes.  That knowledge gives him that capability of informing you about what you should and shouldn’t do to sell your home yourself

Jim has published an ebook on how to sell your own home as a “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO home.  Please check that book out at this link. Click Here!  If you are at work, turn your volume down or put on headphones because there is audio that plays immediately. Click Here!

I hope this helps.

About jdickens

I have owned 4 houses and sold 3 of them. I have rented 2 houses and been the property manager for 5 houses. In other words I have been all over the place with real estate. In addition, I wrote most of the software for the on-line listing system for a major city in the South before the age of laptops and mobile phones. All of the information for all of that activity has been pretty much the same. Hopefully, I can help you help yourself when you are ready to sell your home.
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